Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning and Being Environmentally Safe

At Merry Maids, we are supporters of providing exceptional cleaning services that are also safe for the environment. The green cleaning product we use is Shineffective®, which is Design for Environment (DfE® approved. The cleaning products we use in our house cleaning services meet the guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

By using green cleaning products over traditional chemicals cleaners, we are lowering the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the air, reducing allergies and benefiting those with asthma. Our use of green cleaning agents will not only be able to thoroughly sanitize and clean your home, but will also help improve indoor air quality while being safe for the environment and your family.

Process and Equipment

When you compare indoor and outdoor pollution levels, the levels of indoor pollution are generally higher due to the amount of dust found indoors. Realizing this, Merry Maids takes dust removal of homes seriously. In order to effectively remove dust from your home, we use microfiber cloths as they are able to completely trap and collect dust and dirt within its fibers rather than push dust around like most ordinary towels, cloths, and dusters. Another benefit of using microfiber cloths is that they tend to be much more durable and eliminate the need to re-wipe surfaces.

When it comes to vacuuming, we use vacuums that meet the Gold Seal standard of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label certification.  This certification approves that the vacuums we use will not release 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air. This means that when we vacuum, we are thoroughly capturing dust and soil from your carpeting or furniture while minimizing the amount of dust that is being released back into the air.