Helpful Information on Reducing Dust

Tips on Reducing Dust Between Merry Maids Visits

People these days can be extremely busy with work, projects, children, and several other items. But when there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to clean your home, you can rely on Merry Maids Las Vegas. We specialize in professional house cleaning services in the Las Vegas area and with our services we can service your messy home and transform it into a spotless, organized sanctuary for you and your family.

But in every home and property, there is always one item that is a nuisance in our homes that causes it to look dirty, and that is dust. Dust, dust bunnies, and dust buildup are always unsightly items to find, with professional house cleaning services from Merry Maids Las Vegas we’ll be able to keep your home dust-free, but what if you’re waiting in between scheduled cleanings and have an abundance of dust buildup within your home? Our experts have compiled some helpful cleaning tips you can utilize to help reduce the overall amount of dust within your home.

Closets and Your Clothes
Closets are a prime area for creating dust. The fibers and dirt on your clothing, towels, and linens, can all become loose and settle on the ground, the door, and on top of items. The dust in your closet is simply lying dormant, patiently waiting for a gust of air from someone shuffling through the closet or from someone opening the door. When that gust of air hits, the dust is then airborne, eventually settling on top of tables, windowsills, and floors, causing items to appear faded and “dusty”. To prevent excess dust from closets, try using plastic containers and organizers.

Use HEPA Filters
Either have a HEPA filter installed onto your HVAC systems or invest in a HEPA filtered vacuum. HEPA filters can collect and trap up to 33% more dust than original air filters.

Don’t Dry Dust
Utilize a damp dusting method. Use items such as a Swiffer wiper or dusting spray such as Pledge and a lightly damp cloth. Feather dusting and dry rag dusting do very little to collect dust and only pushes the dust around. But when using a damp cloth you can successfully trap and collect a much higher amount of dust, resulting in a better, cleaner looking home.

Remove Dust from Cushions and Pillows
Furniture items are used on a daily basis and are major culprits in producing and harboring a significant amount of dust. On an occasional basis, take your pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and mats outside and strike them with the handle side of a broom to remove and release all of the dust, loose fibers, and any dirt they have collected.

With these tips, you’ll be able to reduce a significant amount of dust within your home, but when you need a house cleaning company in Las Vegas, you can always rely on the experts at Merry Maids Las Vegas. We’re professional experts in residential cleaning services and we’ll clean your home exactly the way you wish. For more information about our cleaning services, please feel free to contact our office.

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