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Residential Cleaning Services by Merry Maids

With house cleaning services from Merry Maids, your home will be cleaned to perfection. Merry Maids are residential cleaning professionals that will relieve you from all of your cleaning duties, granting you some downtime and allowing you to relax while your home is cleaned spotless by a professional you can rely on.

Give yourself a day off each week.

Enjoy life without having the need to constantly clean your home with weekly services from Merry Maids.

Merry Maids offers our house cleaning services in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly forms. If a routine cleaning schedule is not something you’re looking for, we are able to offer a one-time cleaning service to simply freshen up your home.

With house cleaning services from Merry Maids, we’ll create a custom designed cleaning plan to fulfill your demands. Servicing a large number of homes over the years, we’ve recognized that every home is different and each have their own specific set of needs.

The pricing of our services at Merry Maids is derived from a number of contributing factors, from the size of your house to the amount of times you wish to have your home cleaned. Other factors that we consider is your location, if you’re a pet owner, and the types of materials inside your home that may need special attention when cleaned. Each and every single one of these items requires a specific method of cleaning and factor into the pricing of our services. This is why prices for our services may vary.

For inquiries regarding the pricing of our services, contact our office in Las Vegas. A representative will gather general information about the level of cleaning you desire and the size of your home and with that information, we will be able to provide a rough estimate. For a clearer and precise estimate, we will send a representative to your home to factor in the scope and size of the cleaning service you desire.

With Merry Maids cleaning services, you’ll no longer have to spend hours scrubbing and dusting your home. We’ll give you the free time you deserve and have your home looking spectacular. We service the homes in eastern Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.