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Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Between Merry Maids Visits

To keep your home clean in between Merry Maid services, try adding some of these tips into your daily life. Only a little bit of effort is required, and if you follow these tips, your home will be much more organized and be easier to clean.

Remove clutter.
Merry Maids defines clutter as anything that is left in the open and cannot be stored. Using this strategy, divide clutter items into three categories: trash, keepers, and undecided. After organizing items, toss the trash items in the trash pile, keep the keepers, and decide if you really want to keep items in the ‘undecided pile’.

Remove hotspots for clutter.
If you have clutter that accumulates in a certain area such as a desk, move the desk to a different area. You’ll force yourself to throw away the things you don’t need and organize the items you do.

Use entry mats.
Doormats on both sides of a door will collect a surprising amount of dirt.

Establish a command center.
Use a central location to store items such as car keys, mail, or grocery lists. Also keep a recycling bin nearby to toss unwanted mail or other items you no longer need.

Clean ‘top to bottom’.
Literally clean your home starting at the top and work your way down. Dust high areas first, wipe reachable surfaces second, and vacuum last. Dust will work its way down to the floors where they will eventually be vacuumed.

Create a cleaning basket.
To keep cleaning items organized and to help save you some time, store all your cleaning items in a single bin or bucket. This will allow you to carry all your items easier and prevent losing sponges or spray bottles.

Use the clock.
Cleaning agents work best when you let them settle onto the stain you’re trying to get rid of. Allow the cleaning agents to soak and lift stains before wiping.

Defy dust.
Remember to check and replace the air filters of your furnace or vacuums. This will help improve the dust collecting abilities of these appliances.

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