Tips on Removing Carpet Stains

Tips on Removing Carpet Stains and Keeping Your Carpets Looking Like New

Merry Maids Las Vegas may not be a professional carpet cleaning service provider, but we are experts in house cleaning services, and we know that in any home, carpet stains are almost impossible to avoid. With children, pets, and clumsiness, there will be at least one instance where you spill either a drink or plate of food when moving about in your home. With these following tips, we hope that you’ll be able to remove unsightly stains and keep your carpets looking like new.

Oil and Grease
Apply cornstarch, talcum powder, or even cornmeal to the area and let it sit for a while. Then gently brush or sponge the powdery substance and vacuum the area thoroughly.

Mustard Stains
Saturate the stain with a diluted ammonia solution (1 tablespoon ammonia, 1 cup of water), then dab up any excess solution and dry the area with a hair dryer.

Red Wine
Flush the stain with club soda blot the area to absorb any excess liquid and to remove the wine. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary until your carpet is free of red wine.

Blood Spots
To treat bloodstains or blood spots, flush the area with cold water and blot the area to remove marks and excess water. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary until the stain is removed.

Soda Drinks
To remove stains caused by soda, create a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) and apply to the area, remember to blot up any excess liquid. Then apply a detergent solution (1 teaspoon detergent and 1 quart of water) to the area.

Harden the gum with ice and use a spatula or a dull butter knife and carefully pry away the gum from your carpeting.

When wax settles and hardens on your carpet, place a paper bag on top of the wax and run a warm iron over the bag. The wax will melt from the heat of the iron and the paper bag will then absorb the wax, removing it form your carpeting.

Latex Paint
Soak your carpeting with a dish detergent solution that is 1 part detergent, 20 parts water. Apply the solution to the stained area, gently scrub and rub in the solution to breakdown the paint, blot dry the area, rinse with clean water, and blot dry the excess liquid. Repeat as many times as necessary until the stain is removed.

Ball Point Ink
Dab some rubbing alcohol on the inked area, let it settle and allow the alcohol to penetrate the ink stain. Then blot with a water dampened paper towel.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep the carpeting in your home stain free. When you need residential cleaning services in Las Vegas such as maid or house cleaning services, you can always rely on the professional experts, Merry Maids Las Vegas. We can clean and maintain your home to remain spotless and appear spectacular.

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